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A Key To The Species Of Archontophoenix Crownshaft dark-green, blue-green, bronze-green, brown or purple Pinnae with ramenta on abaxial midrib Pinnae lacking silver/grey scales beneath Durras Mt (NSW) to Eungella Ra.(QId) A. cunninghamiana Pinnae with silver/grey scales beneath (Crownshaft purple) Mts Lewis, Spurgeon and Finnigan (Qld) A. purpurea Pinnae lacking ramenta on abaxial midrib; (Crownshaft blue-green) Warrill Creek/Barron River (Qld) A. myolensis Crownshaft lime-green, whitish green or light to mid-green Leaves usually 3.5 m or more long, 60 or more pinnae each side of rachis; pinnae usually rigid Leaves ascending, held rigid, petiole absent or very short Walsh River and tributaries (Qld) A. maxima Leaves arching, petiole present Baffle Ck to Bathurst Bay (Qld) A. alexandrae Leaves usually less than 3.5 m long, less than 55 pinnae each side of rachis; pinnae tending to be semi-pendulous at the apex Mcllwraith Range to Cape York (QId) A. tuckeri &nbsp

Table Of Differences In Species Of Archontophoenix

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