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= Welcome to the Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia =
Welcome to the '''PACSOA''' website and wiki, one of the internet's most comprehensive resources about palms and cycads. This web site includes extensive information on palm and cycad species, their horticulture, details about society membership, society activities, and links to other sites
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'''[ Pacsoa Forums]''' - an online forum dedicated to all aspects of palms and cycads.--&gt;

The '''Palm &amp; Cycad Society of Australia Inc.''' ('''PACSOA''') is a group of affiliated, semi-autonomous, regional Palm and/or Cycad Societies headed by a Board presently based in Brisbane, Queensland. The Society publishes a quarterly magazine, '''[[PALMS_&amp;_CYCADS_Magazine|PALMS &amp; CYCADS]]''' (see below), which has articles of both non-technical and technical content, of interest to the palm and/or cycad enthusiast; and a '''[ Bookstore]''' which offers substantial discounts on retail prices of palm and cycad books and publications, most of which are unobtainable elsewhere in Australia. At the regional level (the individual societies are known as branch groups), regular meetings, field trips and outings are organized and all branch groups produce a newsletter relevant to their particular area.

The objects of the '''PASCOA''' 
include promotion of the propagation and 
cultivation of palms and cycads, education 
and  dissemination  of  knowledge,  scientific 
study, and conservation of endangered species 
in  the  wild.  '''PASCOA'''  is  affiliated  with  the 
'''[ International Palm Society (I.P.S.)]'''

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=PACSOA (National Palm &amp; Cycad) Show=
The annual '''[[Pacsoa_Annual_Show|&lt;&lt;PACSOA show (link)&gt;&gt;]]''' will be held this year on the weekend of '''March 6''' - '''7''', '''2021''', at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens  Auditorium, Brisbane. 
&lt;br/&gt;'''Saturday 9am''' to '''4pm,  Sunday 9am''' to '''3pm.  Admission $3 / $2 Concession.'''

There is free parking at the gardens.  &lt;br/&gt;
There will be hundreds of rare species, natives, and exotics for sale
as well as cultivation advice, a rare plant display, and books and magazines for sale. 

All members are welcome to sell plants at the show (palms and cycads only),  the only requirement is that you be a paid up member ($15 / year).
Set up is '''Friday March 5,  9am to 5pm sharp'''. 

Contact Martin Lack  '''0419 646 200''' or '''''' for more information.

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==How to use this website==
* If your are a beginner to growing palms and cycads, try our '''[[:Category:Beginners|beginners page]]''' (at left) for a set of introductory articles, or if you are a bit more experienced and looking for some inspiration, try '''[[SE_Qld_Palms|South-east Qld Palms]]''' for some interesting, but less commonly grown species.

* If you know what species you are interested in, go to the relevant page in either '''[[:Category:Palms|Palms]]''' or '''[[:Category:Cycads|Cycads]]'''. Because this is a Wiki, you can also add or update almost any article on these pages. Simply register (top right)), click the &quot;edit&quot; button of the article and share your knowledge!

* If you are looking for information on adding or updating pages, have a look at the '''[[:Help:Editing|help page]]'''. This will also tell you how to upload images to the wiki.

* If you would like to contribute any information or pictures, but don't feel comfortable doing that yourself, you can send them to me at '''[]'''.

* If you would like to join '''PACSOA''', or find out information about the benefits, go to our online '''[[:Category:Membership|Membership page]]'''

* If you would like to purchase any books, go to our '''[ Bookstore]'''.

* Recent changes/additions can be found on the '''[[Latest_Updates|latest updates]]''' page.

&lt;!--* If you would like to read and participate in our plant discussion, go to our '''[ forum]'''.--&gt;
* Our '''[[Links]]''' page has numerous links to other relevant sites and plant societies.

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==PALMS &amp; CYCADS Magazine==
===No. 144, Jul - Sept 2019===
'''Contents this Issue'''

* '''A Visit to the NSW North Coast Regional Botanic Garden''' - Mark Wuschke

* '''Wendland’s Palms''' - John Leslie Dowe

* '''FROM the VAULT – Operation ‘Foxtail Palm’''' - Senior Sergeant Gavin Ricketts,
Queensland Police Service

* '''One Tough Coconut'''

* '''Around Town - A Close Shave'''

'''Front Cover:''' '''''Livistona australis''''' North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Coffs Harbour (M. Wuschke).
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For info about previous issues, click '''[[PALMS_&amp;_CYCADS_Magazine|&lt;here&gt;]]'''

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We also have two Facebook pages, '''[ Palm and Cycad Society of Australia]''' and '''[!/BrisbanePalmAndCycadSociety Brisbane Palm And Cycad Society]''', where you can keep up to date with the latest information, and other members.

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&lt;!--=='''PALMS &amp; CYCADS''' Magazine Goes Digital==
From 2016  our flagship magazine '''PALMS &amp; CYCADS''' is transitioning from paper to electronic delivery.  2015 subscribers will have received an email by now advising them of the reasons for this decision.  The subscription fee for 2016 has been reduced to $25 for all electronic subscribers, domestic or international.  Click [ '''&lt;&lt;here&gt;&gt;'''] to subscribe or renew.
'''PALMS &amp; CYCADS''' will continue to be produced 4 times per year, packed with 32 pages of info on our favourite plants. Subscribers will receive an email when every new issue is ready to download.

The change has been driven by costs; printing costs continue to rise and Australia Post has recently raised postage charges by 40%.  The magazine is not sustainable in the printed form. 

Subscribers who renew for 2016 will receive an email with their password to the [ '''&lt;&lt;Members Only&gt;&gt;'''] area.   Here you can download the current issue both as low-res (2mb) for casual reading or a high resolution (20mb) version which can be printed if desired.    Back Issues for 2015 are already there and eventually '''ALL''' back issues going back to 1987 will be available to members at no extra cost.  Email Mark Wuschke  at  ''''''  with any questions.
&lt;!--== Bookstore Update ==
There is the new edition of '''''The Cycads''''' available (the definitive cycad book), by ''Loren M. Whitelock'', and ''Duke Benadom''. It is now in two volumes with significantly more pictures, integrated with the text rather than all bundled together in one section as in the first edition. There are only a limited number of copies available. Click '''[[The_Cycads|&lt;&lt;here&gt;&gt;]]''' for more details.
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== ==

If you have any comments or suggestions about this website, please contact the website maintainer, '''[ Mike Gray]'''.</rev>