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    <alllinks alcontinue="Calamus_rumphii" />
      <l ns="0" title="Basselinia gracilis" />
      <l ns="0" title="Beginners Guide to Cycads" />
      <l ns="0" title="Beginners Guide to Sub-Tropical Palms" />
      <l ns="0" title="Bismarckia nobilis" />
      <l ns="0" title="Bonsai Cycads" />
      <l ns="0" title="Bowenia serrulata" />
      <l ns="0" title="Bowenia spectabilis" />
      <l ns="0" title="Butia capitata" />
      <l ns="0" title="Butia lallemantii" />
      <l ns="0" title="Butia yatay" />