PACSOA - Northern Territory Palm and Cycad Society
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Northern Territory Palm and Cycad Society

History: This branch was formed in June 1983, primarily to conserve and protect the endangered N.T. palm, Ptychosperma bleeseri, which was located in only 8 small rainforest areas near Darwin.
Meetings: The NTPACS meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the John England Building of Berrimah Farm (N.T. Dept. of Primary Industries and Fisheries). We usually have a field trip on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month.
Publication: The Magazine of the NTPACS is published 3 to 4 times per year and is sent to all members of the branch as well as to other groups that reciprocate with their publications.
Palm and Cycad Gardens we have established or assisted to establish:
Fred's Pass Reserve Palm and Cycad Garden
Palm Garden at Northern Suburbs RSL Branch
Resource Garden around Bldg. 42 (Science Bldg.)
    Northern Territory University - Casuarina Campus

Palm and Cycad species native to the Northern Territory:

Tropical Palms: Cycads:
Arenga australasica Cycas angulata
Carpentaria acuminata Cycas arenicola
Corypha utan Cycas armstrongii
Gronophyllum ramsayi Cycas arnhemica
Hydriastele wendlandiana Cycas brunnea
Livistona benthamii Cycas calcicola
Livistona humilis Cycas canalis
Livistona inermis Cycas conferta
Livistona rigida Cycas maconochiei
Livistona victoriae Cycas orientis
Nypa fruticans Cycas pruinosa
Ptychosperma bleeseri  
Arid Zone Palm: Cycad:
Livistona mariae Macrozamia macdonnellii

Postal Address: N.T.P.A.C.S., P.O.Box 37979, Winnellie, NT 0821.
Telephone Contact: Peter Thomas, Pres. (08) 8927 5344
E-mail Contact: Dr. H. Ottley

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