PACSOA - Encephalartos Posters
Encephalartos Posters

A3 laser prints of original oil paintings by Bill Thurgood

About the Artist:
Painting cycads has been a recent interest emerging out of a long career of airbrush art for advertising. The transition from the unforgiving precision of airbrush and transparent inks to the generosity of oil colour has been an inspiration and a relief. Wonder and admiration of these plants of such antiquity made it a natural progression to begin to paint them. With a propensity for fine detail plus a fair measure of patience, E. cupidus became my first attempt at botancal illustration.
Encouraged by the apparent success of E. cupidus , I painted E. princeps . Each took nine months to complete. A representation of E. latifrons is currently under way and is proving to be more of a challenge and equally as exciting. As the size of this picture is being done 25 % larger than the previous two, more detail can be incorporated and an estimate of 15 months for its completion is not an exaggeration.

Bill Thurgood
December 1998.

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