PACSOA - magazine pc76
magazine pc76

Kitchener's Coconuts
    Harries, Leach, and Foale

Sex Change in Cycads
    Osborne and Gorelick   

A Palm for Temperate Regions: Jubaea chilensis
    Price and Kopp   

A new Livistona from Papua New Guinea
with red flowers

    Barford and Price    

Corypha utan on Cape York
    John Price

The IPS 2002 Biennial on the French Riviera
    Ian Edwards

Palms and Cycads in Central Qld
    Tony Rowe

Notes and News: Paysandisia archon ,
a frequently lethal palm borer

The 2002 IPS Biennial Post Tour
    John and Jeanne Price

   Front cover:    Trithrinax brasiliensis
    Photographed by David Tanswell.

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