PACSOA - Palms&Cycads No. 75
Palms&Cycads No. 75

Serenoa repens , a Medicinal Palm!
    Hugh Kunze

Palm Seed Germination: "Turning on the Heat"
    Keith Boyden

Arenga listeri , the Christmas Island Palm
    David Tanswell

Rockhampton Field Trip - 8th - 10th June, 2002
    Margaret Bazley

In part, a ghost story: Corypha taliera ,
    John Price

Corypha taliera - an endangered palm extinct in the wild
    Shri Dhar

Palms and Cycads in Central Queensland,
    Tony Rowe

The Palm and Cycad Society of Mackay (PACSOM),
    Margaret Bazley

The Vi Lauder Memorial Park and Palm Garden, Fred's Pass, Northern Territory,
    Peter Thomas

Society News

   Front cover:    Metal Rhopalostylis sapida
   at the Civic Centre, Wellington.

   Photographed by David Tanswell

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