PACSOA - Palms&Cycads No. 72
Palms&Cycads No. 72


The bamboo Cycas and its relatives: taxonomy and distribution
Willie Tang, Wan-Ling Chiu, and Hong Pu

A tribute to a person of botanical distinction: Keith Cowlishaw
John Price, and Ian Edwards

New Research Initiative in Macrozamia
Roy Osborne

From Uncontrolled Harvest to Weeds and Fire: and Evolution of threats to the Endabngered Rainforest Palm, Ptychosperma bleeseri
David T. Liddle, Darren R. Larcombe & Peter J. Fitzgerald

Unusual cones in Cycas rumphii
Will Kraa

A Tribute to a man of geological distinction: Professor Allan Wilson

Society News
Greg Cuffe

Front Cover: Sabal maritima by Carl Graff

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