PACSOA - Palms&Cycads No. 52&53
Palms&Cycads No. 52&53

The First Australian Palm and Cycad Symposium - Townsville, North Queensland, Oct 11-13 1996
    Greg Cuffe
Nannorrhops ritchiana
A tribute to a person of botanical distinction: Ed Moore
    Rolf Kyburz
Macrozamia spiralis
    Paul Kennedy
Notes on Cycas silvestris
    Paul I. Forster
Burretokentia viellardii
Little known palms of New Caledonia
    Bryan Laughland
Ptychoccocus lepidotus : A promising palm from the highlands of New Guinea
    Michael Ferraro

Front cover:
Inflorescence and crownshaft of Dictyosperma album var. furcatum , The Palmetum, Townsville
Photographed by David Tanswell.

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